Russia declares seized American laboratories in neighboring countries that secretly manufacture viral dust and transmit it by small drones

A dangerous and exclusive report: Now for Egypt News Network.

In the most dangerous report of this year to the Russian Ministry of Defense in light of the crisis of the new Corona virus, and after thousands of people around the world were infected and the large number of deaths from this epidemic was beginning in China, how can all  ?countries of the world catch it in a jiffy

After leaking documents and documents that headlines (the lie of the Corona virus) and its reality is the formation of a poison gas called sarin gas, which turns into a liquid with a heavier weight and falls to the ground with a contradictory sentence, which is that it is very fast in the air, so how is the gas heavy in weight and fast in the air ?

Now, Egypt News Network reveals to you the truth of sarin gas:

Sarin gas is one of the materials used in chemical warfare, and it is a human-made gas, and it not only harms the respiratory system but is a substance that destroys the entire nervous system, and sarin is initially a liquid without color or odor, and it can become a gas if it is vaporized, and it is very similar Insecticides in the way it works and the damage it causes.

Symptoms of exposure to blurred vision, difficulty breathing, sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, coma, and breathing cessation to death were invented for the first time in 1938 in Germany by two scientists, who invented it as the most powerful pesticide, but it was later used as a weapon.

In light of these conflicting reports, we were surprised by a report by a Russian-language channel in Arabic that announces a very dangerous report for the Russian Ministry of Defense:

Where the Russian Ministry of Defense announced on a report on Russia Today channel that it had seized American laboratories in neighboring countries such as Georgia and Ukraine, disguised under civilian activities and secretly making viral dust, and broadcast it via small planes to deploy it in specific areas for economic and political goals. It is formally suing America

Russia announces seizure of American laboratories in neighboring countries that secretly manufacture viral dust, transmit it by small drones and intends to formally prosecute America

Here is a full report on the reality of sarin gas and the new corona virus lie.

It has been published on the newspaper clock clock:

Written by: Prof. Dr. Bilal Abu Al-Huda Khamash

Certainly, without a doubt, there is something widespread in the world that is transmitted in the air, in the touch, through the soreness, sneezing, breathing, and the people approaching each other quickly and cannot be easily detected, because the incubation period of the virus for its bearer is two weeks before the symptoms appear, and the person who is carrying it transmits the infection until Before his symptoms appear on him.

And caused this strange thing to death for a large number of people because it causes paralysis of the nerves and muscles of the lungs, especially among the elderly and there is no treatment for it in the whole world. What is this strange thing? What is his identity? And who speculates many people in the world about his identity. People pass on different information about him, some of whom say that it is a virus that was developed in laboratories in China in Wuhan and leaked to the animal food market, which is about three hundred meters away from the market, and claimed that it was transmitted to pelvis and snakes and then it was transmitted to humans. Others say that it is a virus that was developed and manufactured in laboratories in Afghanistan and then leaked from it and infected sixty-seven American soldiers present in Afghanistan. To cover up the issue and the reasons for their later death, they were sent to China to participate in the Military Olympiad in Wuhan. It was then spread among people in Wuhan and in other Chinese cities, so it was said that the American soldiers were infected with the deadly Corona Covid-19 virus spreading in China.

Yes, this strange thing spread in Wuhan, China, and then to the rest of the cities, and caused thousands of deaths and thousands of injuries in China before any other country in the world. But China, by virtue of being a very advanced country scientifically, technologically, medically, etc., managed to control it and prevent it from spreading among its people as soon as possible. But the biggest problem is that it spread in other countries in the world so quickly that it completely paralyzed the health systems in it and some of the heads of these countries handed their orders to heaven (God) like Italy, where the number of deaths in them exceeded four thousand people and the rope to the tractor as well as Spain. Now it has spread to large cities in America such as New York and Chicago and the American army has spread in more than one city in America to limit its spread among citizens. And no country remained free from infection with this strange thing. Which baffles every wise and sane person in the world contradictory statements by some world leaders. For example, the Chinese president recently stated that this strange matter is sarin gas and not Corona-Covid-19 virus, which was being tested in American laboratories in Afghanistan and was infected as mentioned previously by the soldiers The Americans who were sent from Afghanistan to participate in the military Olympiad in Wuhan, and among them were spread among the Chinese. But the immediate question that comes to mind is, why did the Afghan people not have this deadly gas and did not spread among them while they are close to its spread and the peoples of the countries surrounding them and to the extent that they spread in China, Italy, Spain, America and other countries in the world?

Yes, US President Donald Trump has stated that the nightmare of this strange thing which he called the Corona Virus Covid-19 will end in April. Is it because the duration of sarin gas circulating in the air on the globe is about three months, and then it expires ?! Likewise, British officials have said to the British, too: be prepared to check a lot of dear ones, and as Mrs. Angela Merkel of Germany has stated that it is possible that about 70% of the German people will have this strange thing (but how did this gas move from Afghanistan to Britain, Germany, Italy and Spain … etc. from countries so fast?). Frankly, it is very confusing, which makes the wise and wise people think that there is something else that causes this tragedy to the whole world and not everyone who participated in it discloses it, for fear that they will harm them and pursue them in international courts in the future. We do not know whether America, Britain, Germany, Russia, China, Spain, Italy … etc were among the countries that participated in this global tragedy, or not? How much percentage of participation in this tragedy for each country. Is it really is the sarin gas that spread in the air in the land of God and then God verse dish (in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of night and day and astronomy that take place in the sea for the benefit of the people and what God sent down from heaven water from life to the earth after its death and broadcast them all The persistence and drain of winds and the cloud drawn between the heavens and the earth to the signs of people who understand (Al-Baqarah: 164). May God distract the wind and clouds from the countries that God wants to infect with them, and God knows best. In any case we ask God to not cunning threat bad, but his family (and wracking the bad cunning only with his wife (Fater: 43)), (have plotted their cunning and God cunning but cunning to go away from the mountains (Ibrahim: 46)), and ask God to pass Dear Jordan, we wanted this very difficult and dangerous stage with minimal costs in lives, money, efforts and time.

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